4R's of Child Abuse




Forensic Nursing, Saint Vincent Health Center, Erie, PA, provided the information on the Emergency Department design and equipment, including pictures, and descriptions of necessary equipment. Protocol for cases of alleged abuse was also provided.

Lake Erie Research Institute, Girard, PA   provided project development, oversight, coordination, planned decision-making, financial management, and  grant writing. 

Penn State Erie, the Behrend College created the web site and designed a flexible system so that site-specific information relative to different geographic areas could be incorporated into the system.

The Counseling Center, Mercyhurst College, Erie, PA provided review and information on referrals.

The District Attorney’s Office, Erie, PA. provided detailed information on the collection of forensic information on interview.

The Mercyhurst Archaeological Institute, Mercyhurst College, Erie, Pa., provided case studies illustrating collection of forensic information at autopsy.

The Firm of McDonald, Illig, Jones and Britton provided grant oversight for the project