4R's of Child Abuse



Suspected Child Abuse Protocol

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I. Goals and Objectives


II. Definitions

A. Child

B. Child abuse

C. Endangerment

D. Mandated reporters

E. Perpetrator

F. Serious physical injury

G. Serious physical neglect

H. Serious mental Injury

I.   Sexual abuse or exploitation

III. Directives

A. Mandatory Reporting of Abuse

1. Childline and Erie County Office of Children and Youth

2. Law enforcement authorities

B. Temporary protective custody

C. Penalties for failure to report or to refer suspected child abuse

D. Immunity from liability

IV. Referrals

A. Medical

B. Counseling

C. Victim compensation fund

D. Childrens Advocacy Center

V. Screening for Suspected Child Abuse

A. Red flags

B. Risk factors

C. Interview

D. Physical examination

E. Photography

F. Ancillary testing

G. Additional specimen collection, examination and laboratory

     testing for suspected sexual abuse of child

1.  Forensic Evidence Collection Kit

2.  Colposcopic examination for suspected sexual abuse
3.  Labratory Testing for STD
4.  Technique for collecting STD cultures